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Neurofeedback helps people with…

Increased Learning
Lack of motivation
Memory problems
Panic Attacks
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Sleep problems
Sports Performance
Unresolved emotional issues

We use Neurofeedback brain training programmes to utilise the brain’s capacity for change and to train the brain to operate at optimal performance, to strengthen weaknesses, to help change bad habits, emotional states and behaviours.

Neurofeedback is non-invasive and does not provide a diagnosis.
During Neurofeedback sensors read brainwave activity by using QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). When the brain is not functioning well, evidence of this often shows up in the EEG (Electroencephalogram). 

Much like physical exercises strengthen and develop specific muscles, the more your brain is exercised into reaching a new more comfortable, more efficient position, the better and stronger it gets. Like any new skill, it simply requires feedback and practice.




Each person would love to have a happier, more relaxed life where it is easy and you are able to balance work, home and recreation.

When you sleep well, function optimally at work, school or university, life is a joy.

Through Neurofeedback therapy it is possible to move closer to ataining a better and balanced lifestyle.

Through helping yourself, you also impact the lives of your family and community in a positive way.
We spend roughly 80% of our work days in a work environment. Everyone wants to achieve good results and promotion.

When your brain is foggy, and you feel frustrated, irritated and depressed it is very hard or nearly impossible to achieve your life goals.

By correcting that which hinders your brain to function optimally, you not only enhance your work performance and your ability to move forward in life and get the promotions you seek, you are a happier and more balanced individual.
Children are the future of any country and community. By assisting them to eliminate any hinderances in achieving academically, socially or emotionally, we build a emotionally strong community.

Many children battle with issues that is not diagnosed which causes them to not reach their goals in school and university.
It is possible to help them to train their brains to focus and achieve their goals. This is possible because each individual's brain map differs and the brain is trained to indivual peak performance. 
What is Neurofeedback Therapy?
Neurofeedback is a way to quantify and train brain activity. Brain activity generates electrical impulses which are detectable as brain waves. This brain activity through impulses represents the communication between a group of cells in the brain and that in return generates thoughts, sensations, actions and emotions.
Through neurofeedback, we train the brain to help improve its ability to regulate all bodily functions and to take care of itself. When the brain is not functioning well, evidence of this often shows up in the EEG (Electroencephalogram). 

A better functioning brain can improve sleep patterns. When you sleep more efficiently, you are more alert during the day which helps with anxiety, depression, migraine or chronic pain. Secondly, it can be helpful in managing attention – how well you can persist even at a boring task. Thirdly, it can help you manage emotions. Emotions may feel like the real you, but your brain has a lot to say about how you feel and react. If the emotions are out of control, that’s trainable. If they aren’t there—as in lack of empathy, for example—that, too, is trainable.

When these communication patterns get eroded or re-routed, communication is inhibited or impaired. When this happens the brain no longer functions optimally and this is mirrored as changes in behaviour, temperament or illness, for instance, depression and anxiety after an accident or illness, or a life changing event.

As the brain governs your emotional health, psychological health and every system in your body, training it into better function has far-reaching benefits. Neurofeedback has an excellent track record for symptom resolution over a broad spectrum of emotional and brain-based conditions.

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